Bob-KesslerRobert H. Kessler, UJC Executive Director


Dear Friends,
It has been an incredible eight year journey as the executive director of the UJCVP. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.YOU have given me a wonderful gift by allowing me to serve this community. YOU have given me permission to take this community to a new level. YOU have encouraged me to create and develop new programs as well as build and renovate the physical plant. All of this could not have happened without a committed board of directors, community leadership and a very talented and supportive staff.

It is easy just to say thank you, but I truly can not find the right words to express how totally grateful I am to this community. I thank you for the trust and confidence you have had in me, and for all the memories you have made possible for me over these last eight years.

I would like to thank the four presidents I have worked with, Jim Segal, Kenny Murov, Scott Stein, Guy Levy and their respective executive committees and boards for their leadership. Without your support nothing would or could have been accomplished. We have moved forward in an incredibly short period of time. I am sure there is more to come in the very near future.

Thanks to all who have participated in our special projects,endowment and campaigns. You have been the fuel of the community’s engine.
And finally, thanks to my staff, a dedicated,talented and creative group. I have had the privilege to work with them these past eight years: Linda Molin, Carmela Malkin Kuhn, Nellie Quesnel, Leslie Needham, Sarah Barnett, Jennifer Meyers, Linda Knapp, Dennitte Davis, Rob Blarr, David Jenkins, and Libby Batten.

I also would like to thank all the very talented preschool teachers who take care of our most precious gifts-our children Karen Bean, Jillian Miller, Jessi Malkin, Gavrielle Bargash, Heather Thacker, Naioki Wood, Maya Yartsev, Linda Thompkins; Infant/Toddler Center: Lacy Brambelt, Emily Hohnston, Svetlana Asyran.  And a very special thank you to Hy Dress, who has fed all of us over the years.

And as we continue to move forward, I would like to congratulate Neal Rosenbaum on becoming the new president of the UJCVP.The organization is in the hands of one of the most committed and dedicated Jewish leaders and I am sure he and his new board will take our community to a new level.

And to my wife, Meryl, thanks for being there so many times when I needed an ear to listen to my crazy ideas, and for your being my sounding board and encouraging me to move ahead to do what I felt was the right thing fort his incredible community.

The Journey Continues, as does building TheTapestry of our Community. So the next chapter for me begins in September 2014…Watch and listen for details!!!!!!

~ Bob Kessler