The United Jewish Community Administrative Staff We invite you to visit the Jewish Community Center and meet the staff. Please do not hesitate to call for information and assistance at any time.

Office hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM on Fridays, closed on Saturday and Sunday unless there is a special event or program.


Steve Wendell Executive Director 757-930-1422  Ext# 302
Carmela Malkin Kuhn Director of Education and Program Development 757-930-1422  Ext# 306
Jessi Malkin Program Director 757-930-1422  Ext# 308
Sara Traster Program Director 757-930-1422  Ext# 307
Sarah Barnett Director of Development 757-930-1422  Ext# 304
Judie Kavit Web Manager & Newsletter Coordinator 757-930-1422
Angela Morris Controller 757-930-1422  Ext# 305
Dani Turcotte Assistant Accountant
Linda Lavaty Receptionist, Front Office Administrator 757-930-1422  Ext# 301
John Donnell Maintenance Supervisor 757-930-1422
Libby Batten Jewish Family Services 757-930-1422  Ext# 314
Jewish Historical Society 757-930-1422 Ext# 312
Preschool Teachers 757-930-1422  Ext# 322
Preschool Lobby 757-930-1422  Ext# 324
Infant Toddler Lobby 757-930-1422  Ext# 333
Infant Toddler Infant Room 757-930-1422  Ext# 333
Infant Toddler Toddler Room 757-930-1422  Ext# 333
Infant Toddler Resource Room 757-930-1422  Ext# 333

Early Childhood Center Staff

Carmela Malkin-Kuhn carmela@ujcvp.org
Jennifer Meyers jennifer@ujcvp.org
Naioki Wood nwood@ujcvp.org
Aime Clinkenbeard aclinkenbeard@ujcvp.org
Gavrielle Bargash
Karen Bean
Dawn Beard
Jessica Cooper
Madison Curran
Alyssa Elliott
Anna Fyulep
Roxy Gonzalez
Jada Howard-Nixon
Jessi Malkin
Kara Nesser
Becka Price
Kara Randall
Myisha Rice
Jedidah Salik
Annie Shafiroff
Erin Spencer
Heather Thacker
Linda Tompkins
Maya Yartsev
Olena Zubenko