Annual Campaign 2017

Sarah Barnett

What does chaos look like?  Laugh Out Loud (LOL).  Chaos is what the UJC looks like on any given day right now.  Or is it?

Our students in the the Community Hebrew School  supported by our Annual Campaign use a curriculum that, early on, teaches them the Hebrew term , “tohu va’vohu,” which is found in the beginning of the first book of the Torah, B’reshit.  Tohu va’vohu is introduced during the story of creation and is translated as “chaos.”  Before G-d started the process of creation there was chaos in the universe.  In this case, just as in ours, chaos led to creation. Bulldozers, dirt, noise, building shakes, and loud drills outside our doors greet us every day on our campus.  In addition, we are regularly space-challenged trying to find all necessary venues for all activities and religious services that we are housing.

Yes, the chaos takes its toll when the drilling makes us jump, or numerous and overlapping room bookings make us a bit frazzled. But another word might be more appropriately descriptive as this is all chaos with a smile, a goal, and a vision.  When the dust settles, the drills quiet, the internet doesn’t cut off from an inadvertent cut wire, and the water ceases to need to be turned off occasionally, the final result will be exciting new space for congregations and our entire community. Chaos creates. But creation here, whether it’s running our community Hebrew School or getting ready for another year of Camp Chaverim (fun chaos!) doesn’t happen–in fact, can’t happen–without your help.  Your Annual Campaign dollars create. They build, serve, educate, and care for an entire community.  None of this creation is sustainable without your generosity.





For more information regarding the UJC Annual Campaign contact:
Sarah Barnett, Campaign Director
Email | Phone: 757-930-1422