Beskin Memorial Scholarship Award

UJC Beskin  Applications Available

scholarEstablished in 1959 in memory of a beloved and outstanding humanitarian and leader, the Theodore H. and Esther Beskin Memorial Scholarship Award is given annually to a worthy local Jewish senior high school student.  The recipient is selected on the basis of outstanding achievement and diligence in academic, personal, community endeavors, and other pertinent criteria.

Beskin Scholarship applications have been sent to those high school seniors who are in our data base or whose names have been provided by the synagogues.

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Deadline to return application to the UJC  is Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 at 5 pm

 Application Procedure


1. The applicant bears the responsibility of having all forms completed via PDF Email  or returned via mail to the United Jewish Community office, 401 City Center Blvd, Newport News, Virginia 23606, clearly marked in the lower left corner of the envelope FOR BESKIN AWARD COMMITTEE, no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

2. The applicant is to complete the application form and return it to the United Jewish Community via email or regular mail.

3. Reference Requirements:
The applicant must have a total of four (4) references to complete the reference requirements. References must include:
a. At least one (1) professional or lay Jewish leader
b. Two (2) non-related sponsors
c. Counselor’s or faculty member’s recommendation (1)
Reference forms are to be completed online or be sent directly to the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula, 401 City Center Blvd, Newport News, Virginia 23606.

4. Other necessary forms which must be sent to the Committee from High School authorities are:
a. Transcript of grades
b. List of school activities
Any other pertinent materials will be welcome. The applicant bears the responsibility for having the release form signed.

5. As a courtesy to your references, please furnish them with stamped, addressed envelopes if they will be mailing the forms.

6. The Committee reserves the right to conduct private interviews.

7. The entire procedure for evaluating nominees is confidential, as are all materials obtained by the Committee.

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