ujcvp-israel-trip[pullquote]Lee Glassman will be visiting our community on Monday, September 22nd, at noon[/pullquote]Lee Glassman will be visiting our community on Monday, September 22nd, at noon, to discuss the current situation in Israel, and more importantly, to help us plan a community trip to Israel for next summer. In preparation for our reflection on the past year and plans for the coming year during this High Holy Day period, please think about joining us on a trip to Israel next summer. If you have never been, have not been in a long time, or have been many times, traveling through Israel with Lee Glassman is a special experience you will never forget. All of us who have been to Israel come back praising our tour guide. And indeed, Israel tour guides are all very professional and exceptionally well trained. But between my wife, Charlene, and me, having traveled both professionally and personally to Israel more than three dozen times, our last trip with Lee Glassman as our guide was, by far, the best.

We are also working with a tour company that specializes in serving small communities. Our trip will have a limited number of spots which will allow us to receive the best personal attention and entry into places not available to large groups.

If you think you might be interested in traveling with us to Israel next summer, please let me know: swendell@ujcvp.org. We are putting together a “VIP” list now for follow up.