The United Jewish Community is committed to providing a variety of educational opportunities for adults and children. We encourage you to read the monthly UJC Newsletter and keep informed on all programs created with your participation in mind.


melton_calloutThe Florence Melton Adult Mini-School

Conceived in 1980 by Florence Zaks Melton, the Melton School was created to address the need for Jewish education for adults. A team of scholars and educators from the Melton Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem developed a curriculum that integrates Jewish practices, history, ethics, and ideas based on classical Jewish texts.

In November and December 2000, the United Jewish Community presented “A Taste of Melton,” a three-week sampling of the Melton curriculum which was followed in September 2005 with the full two-year course. Twenty community members graduated from that course.

An innovative program…

  • The two-year Melton program consists of 30 classes held weekly for two hours.
  • There are no exams, grades, or prerequisites.
  • Systematically planned lessons explore, experience, challenge, and define many aspects of Judaism.
  • Upon completion of the two-years of study, students receive the Hebrew University Certificate of Jewish Study.


The Melton Curriculum

First Year Courses

The Rhythms of Jewish Living
The analysis of ideas, beliefs, and practices that shape a Jewish life, as well as an exploration of observances that are connected to the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycles, along with life cycle events. The “why” as well as the “what” of Jewish traditional life patterns

The Purposes of Jewish Living
The study of the ultimate purposes of Judaism and the development of the covenant with God. Discussion of essential Jewish theological concepts and ideas, as they unfold in the Bible, Talmud, and other sacred texts.

Second Year Courses

The Dramas of Jewish Living
A look at the dramatic developmental experience and issues from different periods in Jewish history as reflected in historical texts.

The Ethics of Jewish Living
A text-based approach to Jewish ethical foundations dealing with issues such as justice, life and death, and community. Dealing with contemporary issues.

Become Part of a Unique Group

  • Classes are for adults interested in serious study who desire a strong foundation in Jewish learning. The courses are appropriate for all levels of Jewish knowledge and commitment.
  • Students explore their Judaism from the vantage point of their own spiritual journey and from the standpoint of Jewish law (Halacha).
  • There is direct contact with primary sources, critical and reflective analysis, group interaction with experienced, highly qualified educators.
  • The Melton Adult Mini-School provides a unique forum for discussion and interaction with others in the community with similar interests.