Download Hebrew School Brochure

hebrew_schoolThe United Jewish Community Hebrew School strives to initiate your Jews into the study of the Hebrew Language, Jewish culture and heritage. We view Jewish civilization as a vast tapestry, spanning continents and time, which each generation joins and to which each generation contributes. Our goal is to help our students find their own place in this tapestry so they can appreciate the contributions of those who came before them and join in continuing its creation. In order to achieve this goal, we have created a unique experimental learning environment in which students learn Hebrew, prayer and the essence of Judaism. We believe that Judaism’s deepest intent is the marriage of intellectual content and lived experience. We are committed to providing our students with a learning experience that teaches them Hebrew, introduces them to the basic skills of Jewish life and foundations of Jewish thought.

Our curriculum is designed so that the students learn Hebrew through Bible, Prayers, Holidays, Jewish Ethics, and Jewish History.

  • Our classrooms are multi-age, with older students acting as mentors and role models for the younger students.
  • Our students study Hebrew reading in the traditional “chevrute” or partnered style or study. They are paired with other students of the same ability level and progress as quickly as they are comfortable.
  • Our integrated curriculum enables us to maximize the limited hours available to an afternoon school.
  • Our commitment to experiential learning places our focus on the student as an individual rather team as a member of a ‘grade’ or ‘class’. Every Jew is a complex blend of talents, abilities, interest, and challenges. By getting to know each student, we are able to place students in learning partnerships, comprised of students, teachers, which are best suited to nurture their potential.
  • Our time is geared to the integration of academic content and hands-on experience.

During their time at Hebrew School, students will have the opportunity to participate in many learning situations involving the Hebrew language.