UJC Seniors

April 7th, 14th, 21st & the 28th
at The Hidenwood

On March 3rd we started our lunch and bingo at The Hidenwood. They were so excited to have us. We had our own tables at bingo and a special reserved table in the dining room. We were even given gift bags with lots of goodies.

Everyone has enjoyed our new “digs” and we have grown in size every week. Please join us any Tuesday at the Hidenwood at 50 Wellesley Drive in Newport News at 11am for bingo and noon for lunch.
Call and let us know you are coming. You can even arrange to be picked up. Call Leslie at 930-1422.


Grand Club members enjoying lunch at The Hidenwood.
From left to right: Regina Weinstock, Steve Getsig & Asya Mirkes