Lead Jew 2.0 got off to a great start on Sunday August 10 with 26 adults and 14 children attending a pool party and barbeque at the JCC. Lead Jew 1.0 participants blended splendidly with their 2.0 additions and a great time was enjoyed by all. Before we start a serious slate of Leadership oriented activities we spent the 10 getting tot know each other, swimming, having fun and eating. A tour short business meeting we introduced our 2.0 connection with Genesis Chapter 2, which will serve a sour catalyst for brief Torah study during each meeting.

Breishit Chapter 2 introduces the second version of creation prompting us to consider why we repeat the narrative and how Lead Jew, as a group, is part of a creative process. We challenged each other to consider what kind of community we want to create. We look forward to a great year of activities, learning, and planning with the hope that many of us will end our series with a trip to Israel next summer. If you might want to join us in Israel please contact Sarah.


Are you a young adult, married, attached or single who needs a New Year’s dinner on Rosh Hashanah? Mark your calendar for our first ever Gesher New Year’s dinner on Wednesday September 24. This will be a semi pot luck with main dish, and challah provided. Side dishes will be your price of admission. For more information please email .