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Children learn best in a safe, nurturing environment. Our school’s goal is to provide developmentally appropriate and academically sound experiences to foster the growth of the whole child. Emphasis is placed on play and interactive learning to promote the social, emotional, academic and physical development of each child. Cognitive, creative and physical activities are planned to foster this daily growth. An environment is provided that seeks to promote positive self-esteem and social interaction. Our teachers strive to provide constant encouragement so that the children become acquainted with the process of learning and not concerned with the final outcome of their creations.

Admission Policy

Infants: Age 6 weeks to 12 months
Monday – Friday: Full time consisting of an 8 hour day between 7AM and 6PM.
Please speak to Director about additional hours needed.

Mazel Tots Toddlers: 12 months – 24 months
9AM – 12PM Choose M-F, MWF or T/TH
Toddlers age 12 months to 24 months explore their environment, play, create crafts, and sing songs in a loving and safe surrounding.

Each child is unique and will be cared for in a warm, caring environment on his/her own schedule developed in conjunction with the parents.

Activities such as playtime, feeding, diapering and toileting shall be used as opportunities for language development and other learning experiences.

We will individualize the care of each child by getting updates from parents via the Intake Form every three months on the child’s growth and development. These updates will be used to assist in the quality care of each child.
Infants and Toddlers will be talked to and encouraged to respond. Books will be read and stories told to infants and toddlers daily. To encourage language, infants and toddlers will be spoken to at every opportunity.

Important Message to Nursing Mothers
Mothers are welcome to visit during the day to breastfeed. Please speak with the Director to make arrangements.