The first buds of springtime are clearly visible from my window and soon the pollen will completely cover our vehicles, the children will play outside for longer periods, and the beaches will soon be back in business. The sun shines, the rain falls, and once again we are in the throes of a season full of renewal. Spring is here and with it comes the holiday of Pesach. A holiday also filled with renewal. Only this time, it is the renewal of our spirit.


If you stop (and please do) and take a moment and take it all in, you’ll find that what is happening outside your window may also be offering you an additional spring in your step. This is a physical renewal of sorts. The feeling when the sun shines upon you and the gloominess of winter departs. The aromas of the new blooming flowers, the extended hours of daylight, and the addition of all outdoor activities requiring your sunscreen, so much renewal for our world and our physical wellness…..but G-d threw something more into this season of renewal. G-d threw in Pesach. Pesach, a story we tell over and over each year until finally we almost know it by heart…. but do we really? Just as we can’t predict the weather patterns of each new season, we cannot predict what it is that we will learn from our yearly Seder. A new relevant piece of the story we learn that we have never heard or understood before. Yes, G-d had a plan…but then again, doesn’t G-d always have a plan?


Enjoy this season of renewal; enjoy the flowers, the green grasses, the trees with their sap freely flowing. Enjoy the way your body feels, the added spring in your step, the removal of winter gloominess. Enjoy the endless spring activities, but remember too, to tap into enjoying this season of spiritual renewal. Take a moment to add something new to your Seder, or bring something new to someone else’s Seder. Learn a new recipe, eat a piece of matzo you have never eaten before, write a check to those less fortunate, and remember that the life force of everything implores you to BREATHE, for without the breath, your season of renewal would cease to exist. Happy Passover!


Carmela Malkin Kuhn
UJC Education Director