Along with our national umbrella organization, The Jewish Federations of North America, we do not wait for a crisis to provide support for our brothers and sisters in Israel and around the globe. That is why, as a part of the JFNA, we maintain core support year in and year out for the Jewish Agency for Israel and for JDC, as well as close ties with the Israel Trauma Coalition and more. We are grateful for these connections which serve to remind us of the importance of our perpetual, key partnerships.

When Jews are in trouble anywhere in the world, we in the Jewish Federation system do not wait to be asked for help. Instead, we reach out and ask what is needed and then we deliver that help. That is exactly what the Jewish Federations of North America did, calling each of our core partners to determine what extraordinary needs have arisen during the current crisis in Israel.

Israel has been under relentless rocket attacks from terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip that have caused extensive damage, terrible injuries, and loss of life. Millions of adults and children, living in fear, race for shelter each time the sirens sound. Our JFNA partners are already on the ground bringing life-saving humanitarian aid, including emergency grants to victims and their families, psychological counseling to all those affected, and support for first responders. Your help is urgently needed in this crisis.

100% of all donations collected will be sent directly to JFNA for allocations to our partner agencies working on the ground in Israel.