Endowment Gifts: Rays of Hope

Turn on a flashlight at night and you will see a beam of light cutting through the darkness. Shine it out ahead of you and various objects will appear. The light shows you where to go and how to get there.

Some flashlights are tiny and use only a single watch-sized battery. Others are powered by five or more D-cells and, of course, there are large searchlights that have the capacity to send beams of light far into the distance.

Every endowment of the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula Endowment Fund is like a beam of light casting rays of hope. Some endowments are larger than others, but all penetrate the darkness and give us confidence as we move ahead.

Endowments are created by individuals who care about tomorrow. These perpetual funds provide financial help to underwrite programs, personnel, and facilities. They illuminate the future with hope.

You can use current assets to establish an endowment now, or you can create one later through an estate gift. Your endowment can bear your name and provide an ongoing legacy, or you can honor a family member or someone else who has impacted your life.

Once established, your “ray of hope” will continue in perpetuity, providing encouragement and financial resources for generations to come. The funds of the UJC Endowment Fund are the Peninsula’s “rays of hope.”


[pullquote] Teens Programs: An Endowment is Forever[/pullquote]

Jewish youth programming is important for parents who want their children to understand their heritage. “I’m from New York,” says Debra Bashkoff, “so I was always around Jewish friends. When we moved to the Peninsula, I needed to involve my daughter, Allie, in Jewish activities if I expected her to learn about her culture.” The same is true for Mark Woloshin, who says, “It’s important to me that my son, Ryan, socialize regularly with other Jewish children.”

Both Allie and Ryan are prime examples of how successful the UJC’s teen programming has become. Whether they play local sports at the JCC, go to a Baltimore Orioles game with Schlep Away camp, or play Mitzvah Chic (a club for girls, of course) teens have a great time while learning about Jewish traditions. Involving our teens in exciting outreach programs is the best way to strengthen their self-confidence and keep them connected to their heritage
for life.

The gift of your endowment will help ensure quality social, academic and community-minded programs for our local Jewish teens for generations to come.  This story is one of many featured in the Program Endowment initiative.

[pullquote]Cast your
“Beam of Light”[/pullquote]

Would you like to learn more about our endowment program and how you can cast your “beam of light” into the future? Please call any of the following to discuss your needs and options :
Robert Kessler, Director, UJCVP Endowment Fund
(757) 930-1422 Ext# 326