From Sarah Barnett, Director of Development

I guess summer is over and we bid adieu to June, July, and August with mixed emotions.  Ready for cooler weather (but not too cool because we need to be outdoors!).  Not ready to let go of the great summer experiment of caring and connecting during a pandemic. The pandemic that significantly hinders our ability to deliver programming and services in a traditional JCC manner.  We embarked on an experiment which challenged and energized our staff. We had a notion that we wanted to care for, and connect with, as many people as possible, even if it was only just a few people.  How does engaging with over 250 households sound?  We think it sounds great!  We are so gratified by our experience that much of this programming, and more, will come your way this Fall.  Note: please be patient as we take a little time to enjoy the upcoming holidays, take care of ourselves a bit, and complete our planning.  But, the joy never takes a break.  Enjoy my top three reasons to smile:

1)  “Step aside….there’s a new Sheriff in town!”  Take a look at this picture.  Need I say more?  Infants came back to us last week and the older children started this week.  We have at least 65 children enrolled at the J right now!

2)  Next picture: last week’s staff and programming meeting.  With vacation schedules etc., it has been quite some time since we have been able to convene like this, and we don’t realize how much we miss each other, and our integrated work style, until we’re back at it.  I couldn’t ask for a more talented, hardworking, dedicated-to-the-cause group of colleagues to Zoom with!  In the era of remote working, it has been a challenge to operate as our best staff… that day, it felt easier!

3)  Humor: One cannot live through these times without a little bit of humor (or a lot some days).  As we all breathe easier having made it through the summer on this campus with no incidence, and move into Fall with more guarded confidence, we finally agreed as a staff that Carmela and Naioki deserve the bar and hot tub they have been lobbying for.  So, I am opening up a 30-second fundraiser to build and stock the bar, and order the Sarfan Center hot tub.
The 30 seconds starts now: 30…29…28…27…
I will await your response.

On a serious note:  Hot tubs and mini bars aside, we are forever grateful to be together as staff, and continue weathering this storm together, in our quest to bring you the best in community that we can. We are grateful that you make this staff picture possible.