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ujc-front-fallAbout the UJC
The UJC of the Virginia Peninsula, provides educational, recreational, cultural, & outreach programs fostering an inclusive & vibrant Jewish community.

Our core activities include: our NAEYC accredited early childhood center, ACA accredited summer camp, community Hebrew school, Jewish Family Service office, and Jewish outreach and programming. Our doors are open to all!

Sarfan Infant Toddler Center

Each child is unique and will be cared for in a warm, caring environment on his/her own schedule developed in conjunction with the parents.  Activities such as playtime, feeding, diapering and toileting shall be used as opportunities for language development and other learning experiences.

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Sarfan Early Childhood Center

An environment is provided that seeks to promote positive self esteem and social interaction. Our teachers strive to provide constant encouragement so that the children become acquainted with the process of learning and not be concerned with the final outcome of their creations.

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Community Hebrew School

The United Jewish Community Hebrew School strives to initiate your Jews into the study of the Hebrew Language, Jewish culture and heritage. Our curriculum is designed so that the students learn Hebrew through Bible, Prayers, Holidays, Jewish Ethics, and Jewish History.

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It’s Time for a Change!

A New Way to ‘Do the J’

We’re rolling out our new Programming Passport Jan. 1, 2019


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UJCVP & Israel

Our Pledge

For more than six decades, we’ve helped strengthen the State of the Israel. And our commitment continues. Unwavering. Federation is dedicated to ensuring that all of Israel’s citizens have equal access to educational and economic opportunity.

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UJCVP Global

Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief

The Jewish people have a long history of humanitarian activity to aid both Jews and non-Jews during times of crisis. As Rabbi Hillel indicated when he posited, “If I am not for myself who am I?
But if I am only for myself, what am I?”

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